Yisheng (Shanghai) Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional bearing sales, research and development, and export of special bearings, integrating science, industry, and trade. The company relies on the Yangtze River Delta, based on the rapidly developing Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai regions, as well as sales outlets throughout the country, and strives to promote Chinese products to the world!

The company has applied for several original invention patents related to plastic oil technology and has independent research and production capabilities. Breaking through the international blockade on related technologies in China, driving the upgrading of the domestic bearing industry and improving competitiveness. Liquid oil bearings are widely used and have a huge application market, mainly used in industries such as steelmaking equipment, washing machines, paper machines, conveyor lines, cleaning lines, lifting machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, spraying industry, food manufacturing equipment, LCD, semi conductor manufacturing equipment, etc; The company has its own factory and production equipment to meet normal research and production needs.

Our company is a comprehensive mechanical parts solution provider in China, providing integrated high-precision products and technical solutions for enterprise customers, bringing comprehensive communication and services to customers in the field of mechanical transmission nationwide!






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